Meme Marketing have became a new way of communication and also a new way of showing yourself as how well aware you are about the new current and viral trends on internet.


A good meme can be a simple photo or a one line text, a meme is considered to be effective as long as it conveys the emotions such as humor. This term “meme” is known to be coined by Richard Dawkins.


Memes have become so influential that now a day’s big brands like Netflix, Tomato etc. has also to uses memes which them to convey their messages simply which can leave a strong impression too on the user.


Thanks to these memes, a whole new branch of marketing has taken place in this world where people are using and trying new ways of marketing instead of traditional marketing and “meme marketing” aces this race. Marketers, advertisers and promotions professionals treasure this new way of marketing.


A study shows that people remembers only 10 percent information of what they hear, but can retain 65 percent of the information if seen or consumed with a relevant image tagged along with some text. So, now it’s easy to determine as to why meme-marketing is so successful.


The Memes offer users and companies an opportunity to make a reference to an established inside joke that the entire internet is a part of. Memes carry more power than any other traditional marketing tactic.


The main demographic focus of this meme marketing is people between the ages of 18 to 35, because firstly they are the tech-friendly people and secondly, they own a large part of world’s and nation’s population.


Specially in this COVID times where the average consumption of the internet content has increased two to three times more, digital marketing has the power is to directly reach the customer in which meme-marketing is the most effective one.


About Meme Marketing


Ankit Mor, co-founder of RVJC media quotes that, “many people spend time on social media today than watching television, which means many brands stand the amidst opportunity to catch the attention of masses which requires a clever and catchy meme strategy”.


It is somewhere necessary that a meme that is associated with a brand goes along to the brand. When a meme goes viral, meaning it is shared by thousands of people on social media which is actually good for the brand associated with the meme.


Marketing is all about thinking out of the box and incorporating memes into the marketing and going all the way out from the traditional marketing, meme-marketing provides best ROI and establishes Strong communication between product and consumers.


The best solution to have a good and strong marketing is to show the customers how well aware they are about the current trends and a successful campaign can lead to increase in the engagement with the brand two-three times.


According to trends and data, users engage more with those brands who uses memes for advertising, because of which the companies has started using meme as a primary mode of their marketing to promote their products and services.


Emerging as one of the most popular and creative tool for marketing, companies have started hiring such candidates who can create such viral memes and handle their social media effectively. There are several benefits which companies enjoy along with this effective and efficient marketing strategy. Some of the few are mentioned below:


  • Low cost: – One of the best benefits these companies enjoy is the low cost and low expense on marketing. Using already viral memes for marketing to show their strong media presence which requires no print media is definitely a win-win situation for such companies.


The only basic need is to have someone in their organization that can create such memes which are related to the already viral content in order to create the buzz of their brand among the consumers and users.


  • Chance to connect: – The main purpose of meme marketing is to gain as much possible attention in a short span of time and companies, famous brands using these memes to market themselves shows how much aware they are of their surroundings and incorporating their product and service in the viral meme gives a chance to relate with the product and service more.


Zomato using their own delivery employee viral meme to market themselves was a successful move because again it showed that they are aware of the things happening around them and it also gave a positive message among its customers too.


  • Not much effort is required: – Today memes can be created using smart phones, a creative team or even an individual can create memes using simple devices that can connect to the internet.


Any situation can be used to develop and design a meme using a certain concept that can promote an idea and promote it together.


Netflix Meme Marketing


Netflix, one of the most famous streaming platform currently have over 6 million followers on Twitter and 61 million likes on Face book. But that doesn’t stop them from growing their audience with funny memes.


One of the most recent examples of a successful meme marketing campaign from them is their campaign for the movie Bird Box. Produced and released on Netflix as one of their Netflix original movies, the movie was promoted via social media using a range of funny and viral memes such as the one below.


Due to the swarm of memes around the release of the film, lots of users were exposed to the memes, many of which had never seen the film before. With so many jokes and constant memes (many of which you had to have watched the film to understand), this convinced a lot of users to finally give it a watch.


With good comes bad, this applies on the Meme Marketing too, which are ad follow:


  • Involvement of legal rights issue: – If a Meme Marketing is done without fully vetting the legal process or rights of the meme, it can lead to mess sometimes. Even though it’s not common, lawsuits for damages are a very real possibility.


This is why it is so important to research the rights to all social memes before using them for own marketing purposes or branding strategies.


One bad move here could derail the entire ad campaign and cost the company or group more than they can afford. The hint here is always fulfilling the pre-requisites.


  • Can be embarrassing: In this fast moving world if you lag behind a bit, then the whole situation can lead to getting created your own memes.


If companies post a meme to advertise them which is a bit off-timing then it can lead to huge embarrassment, which no company wants to experience.


McDonald McSteak wrong Meme Marketing


McDonald’s, the biggest food chain, In this bad example, McDonalds UK took a meme from 2015, used the wrong meme format and basically embarrassed themselves in front of the 200k followers.


So, in all over scenario it can be observed that meme marketing is a concept which has given birth to new age marketing strategies, tools and meme marketing agencies.


As a new marketing tool, meme-marketing have a huge scope in future and can attain great demand for businesses as long as it successfully keeps engaging the users with them.





Vidhi S