Every brand needs a video marketing strategy. It has become one of the main key points on every platform. Video is not just a part of the marketing plan but it is the goal for your outreach.


The secret behind the success of a brand is to have its own story which is unique. Videos can help you to build a story and the whole character of your brand in few minutes.


If you want to know why video marketing is the best strategy to connect with your audience, keep reading till the end.

Let’s first understand what Video Marketing is?


  • Video Marketing is using videos for promoting your product or service to increase engagement on social and digital channels.
  • It helps you to educate your customers and consumers.
  • It is one of the foremost strategies to help you reach your audience with a new medium.


Importance of Video Marketing Strategy


As we know, the audience craves short-engaging material when it comes to a piece of particular information. Visuals that are short and simple are always favorable to them.


  • You can use visuals to demonstrate complex concepts, primary deals and products of your brand.
  • You can track and measure your audience engagement for the videos.
  • You can also make videos of your products, offers, and deals and keep a check on which assets are engaging.


Benefits of Video Marketing


Apart from being a popular visual medium, there are many benefits from increasing traffic to growing revenue. These are the six impressive benefits of video marketing strategy.


Helps You Grow Revenue


  • It can assist to boost your engagement. Video Content can increase revenue growth by 49%, according to Aberdeen Group.
  • It is a highly effective method for increasing brand awareness, introducing new deals and products, generating leads, and boosting sales.
  • It provides opportunities to communicate and connect with your audience. With more connections, your conversion rates will increase. The present is a great way to expand the success of your business.


Influence Customers To Take Actions


  • 90% of the consumers say that product video helps them to make buying decisions.
  • According to the research by Hubspot 97% of marketers say that video has helped to increase understanding of products and services.
  • One of the primary goals of this strategy is to influence consumers to take action. For consumers who are unsure about buying a product, videos can help them to make their decision.
  • Closing videos with a clear call to action can increase your leads and sales.


It Helps To Increase Social Shares


  • It not only creates brand awareness but also generates traffic from search engines and video sites.
  • For getting the maximum benefits, promote your video on your social media platforms and increase social sharing. This will quickly grab the attention of the users.
  • As this generation is all about viral videos, this is your golden chance to show and inform customers what your company is all about. Good marketing can attract new visitors as well as retain your existing ones.
  • Videos that tend to get the most engagement and shares are mostly quality content that is entertaining.


Audience Engagement


  • Videos help you to communicate and build a connection with your audience. It is an important strategy in building knowledge, trust, and confidence in a company.
  • Videos are the bridge that fills the gap between a company and the audience.
  • Social Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, are some live streaming platforms. An audience can be more active on the live video than they would be on the pre-recorded version.
  • Live streaming video is that where they can engage viewers in real-time. You can also host Quiz sessions for your new product deals or development. You can build more connectivity to your brand.


SEO Is The Key


  • Search engines always look for content that engages viewers. There are millions of views on Videos.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine owned by Google. Post your videos on YouTube and tag them with keywords/keyphrases.
  • Your visibility and opportunity can increase in the search section.


Clarity About Brand’s Personality


  • Videos can increase brand awareness and give the audience clarity about the brand’s personality. It can introduce your brand’s culture to your customers.
  • Videos that are presented well can help build trust and confidence. The success of a company always depends on the marketing strategy and transparency.
  • Videos can help you to communicate and give the consumers and customers transparency about the brand’s personality.
  • If you are finding a way to show off your brand’s development and passion, video marketing is an effective strategy.


Helps With Your Email Marketing Campaigns


  • Getting the audience to open your email is a big challenge. When there is “Video” in the subject line, it can increase open rates and decrease unsubscribe rates.
  • When there is a video in the body of an email, it leads to a 100% increase in click-through rate.
  • The present can be particularly effective if you are demonstrating ways to use a product or express something that you cannot do easily in the written format.
  • Video is a powerful addition to your email marketing.


Disadvantages Of Not Implementing Video Marketing


Below are some disadvantages of not implementing video marketing:-


  • Video Marketing is one of the important and effective strategies to connect with your audience, you can miss that opportunity. This cannot help you to increase your conversion rates.
  • Your site will look a bit unattractive and it will be difficult for you to catch the attention of your consumers who want to make the final decision.
  • These factors can have many effects in the long term on your brand.


If you understand the importance of video marketing strategy, there are very few reasons why you shouldn’t utilize videos in your marketing strategy.


Ready, Set, and Go!


I am sure you are overloaded with thoughts now. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Video editing and marketing might sound difficult at first, but with little practice and experience, you can easily produce high-quality content videos that are unique to your brand.




Shruti Pal