Do you want to grow your business? Want quick results? Do you want to reach your goals? Many growth hacking tools can be useful and can help you reach your target.


With a lot of research and hard work, we have collected the essential tools to help you to grow your business at every stage of the growth hacking funnel.


The growth hacking funnel consists of acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, and referral. These are also called pirate metrics.


Here are some Growth Hacking tools that will impress you for sure.

  • Adroll


It is a Growth Hacking tool that works for Retargeting. It is useful for the Optimization of Ads as it can tell you which ads are doing best that bring customers to your website. It also tells you the platforms that are working the best for you.


  • Quora


Quora is the best source to find the problems that are faced by the Customers. Quora is one of the best platforms that can be a hit to your Content Marketing Strategies. It gets Millions of Traffic every day.


People come on this platform to comment, reply, and solve their problems. It is a great source to understand what problems are there in your products and how can you improve them. Quora can be used to promote your blogs and content to answer people’s questions.


  • BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is a Growth Hacking tool that is useful to fulfill your Content Marketing needs. These tools can be used to search for relatable content topics. BuzzSumo is used by many top brands for their Content Strategy. It is also used to find influencers that engage in particular topics.


This tool is very easy to use. You just have to put your topic in the search bar and this tool will show you the online engagement of that particular topic on different platforms. You can also see the most shared content of that topic for you to get an idea of what’s trending.


  • UberSuggest


We all would know “Google Keyword Planner”, but there is something else that will surely impress you. It’s “UberSuggest”. This growth hacking tool is created by Neil Patel. It helps you with Keyword Research.


It tells you the number of searches (per month) for your chosen keyword. It also tells you the cost per click. It suggests other popular keywords with the help of one that you have chosen. This Growth Hacking tool is used to perform Keyword Research. This can help you with Content Writing or Blog Writing.


  • CrowdSignal


This Growth Hacking Tool is kind of a blessing for Startups. Crowd Signals can help you for creating polls and surveys for integrating your website. Surveys can be made according to your brand image. It analyzes and gathers customer feedback. You can share this survey through Excel, Google docs, etc.


  • Hubspot


If you are into Digital Marketing, you might have already heard about Hubspot. Hubspot is a very famous Marketing software. It helps you with SEO, Website analytics, CRM, email marketing campaigns, and much more. You can totally rely on this Growth Hacking Tool.


  • HootSuite


HootSuite is the popular software that helps you to track and manage multiple social media platforms at a time.


Using this Growth Hacking tool, Social Media Managers and Marketers can publish content, schedule and automate posts, and engaging with users. You can post on multiple social media platforms at once, from your dashboard.


According to research, a lot of businesses have their main audience on Social Media, thus connecting with them through those channels is important.

Hootsuite inbox is specifically designed by this software to increase engagement with people. It allows you to send private messages to the targetted audience.


  • Canva


This is a Creative Growth Hacking Tool for Online Marketers. You will often have to design something or other. It can be an image for a social media post or can be a visual for your website.


  • Visual Website Optimizer


The Growth Hacking Tool is a 1/2 testing tool that will assist you in running multiple 1/2 tests with different conversion goals to see which one would work the most. This software is useful for non-coders to create designs for their website.


They can access which version would have the maximum conversion rate. You can keep a track of customers that how much time do they spend on your website.


  • Crazy Egg


This software is all about Customer Experience. One of the important metrics to measure how your content is performing online is to track the time, that the visitors are spending on your website. CrazyEgg is all about HeatMaps, Scrollmaps, and Overlays.


You can see:-

    • How far users are scrolling down your page.
    • Time spent on the page.
    • What do they click on, when they are on the page.




This is the best growth hacking tool for every Marketer who wants to improve his/her visibility. This hacking tool comes under the best ones if you want to make the most of your SEO strategies.


It gives you an idea of what people are saying about your particular product. monitors Twitter, Quora, Google blogs, and many others and provides you with the most important ones to comment on.


  • Click to Tweet


This is my absolute favorite Growth Hacking Tool. It’s a free Growth Hacking tool, used to promote your brand online through Twitter. It’s a two-step process, creating a message that you want to share and then converting it into a custom link.


All you have to do is ask your audience to promote that link in exchange for some gift or service.


  • LeadFeeder


LeadFeeder keeps track and shows you which companies have visited your website. This Growth Hacking tool can be useful for B2B companies that are sales-dependent.


  • SimilarWeb


This Growth Hacking tool can be used to analyze which Social Media Platform can give you more traffic, which region should you Target etc. Also, this is a free Growth Hacking tool. It will assist you to know your competitor’s website traffic metrics.


All you have to do is add your competitor’s website URL and this Growth Hacking tool will show you which Social Media platform they are getting their traffic from, the time people spend on their website.


  • Fiverr


It is not a tool, but a good platform for any Growth Marketer. On this website, you can find freelancers for any task that needs to be done.


  • Qualaroo


Qualaroo is a Growth Hacking tool that is created by Sean Ellis. It’s a website conversion improvement too. We find out how consumers feel visiting your website and using your product.


  • Hotjar


Hotjar is an all-in-one tool. It is Analytics and Feedback tool for Growth Marketers. Can help you to see where the users clicked, set up conversion funnels. The feedback icon is used for the feedbacks of your website.


  • is also an All in one tool for you to organize your Helpdesk, Email Marketing, and Customer engagement.


  • Post-Planner


Post-Planner is an efficient Social Media tool for managing your Social Media Posts. Post Planner helps plan and post content for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


With this Post-Planner tool, you can track and analyze the performance of posts, whether they are working well or not.


  • Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a free tool by Google. People with an Online web presence are the ones that happen to use this service.




Expandi is the 1st Growth Hacking tool for B2B Marketers especially for people who work with LinkedIn. This Growth Hacking tool lets you view profiles, send people invites, or send messages.




Growth Hacking Tools might seem a task, a huge task. But it’s a puzzle. Do what’s best for you, choose the tool that works best for your business. Growth Hacking is always focused on one main thing and it is Growth. Start grabbing the opportunities to make the best out of them.




Shruti Pal