You are probably on this page looking for ways to grow your business in 2021 or are you a startup company in need of alternative methods to generate leads and increase your revenue growth.


Technology has developed so much. One can hack anything that he wants, phone, the website even the planet.


Don’t worry you will find all your answers to your questions. Keep reading till the end. These are some amazing tips and hacks that will help you grow your business in 2021.


Create a plan and start investing in Paid Advertising


Paid advertising has a cost associated with it. Examples of Paid advertising are Social media ad campaigns, online partnerships. There are many benefits of Paid advertising.


If your organic search is down, Paid ads give you quick results. It also gives guaranteed reach. One can utilize your content with a specific target audience and can obtain qualified leads.


If your website is not ranked on the first page of Google results for a search query, the system of Paid advertising enables you to place ads and bring in high-quality traffic to your website.


When you are boosting organic search engine ranking, it results in increased website traffic. It helps to increase conversion rates.Paid ads are budget-friendly marketing. You are always in full control and can increase or reduce your budget according to your strategy.


Boost Your Website


Optimizing your website and investing in it would be the best thing you can do if you want to grow your business in 2021. Nowadays, every company has a website. Your competitors will have one too.


Website is an important part of your strategy. Think of your website as your shop to showcase your products, share the information and give them a little idea about your company or service. Your website should look pleasant.


It should offer a user-friendly consumer experience for every visitor. If your user is not user-friendly, you will miss out on an opportunity for business growth. Having a website of your company means that you are providing your service and are operational 24/7.


This can also increase consumer trust. Some of the benefits of investing in your company’s website  are:

  • Creating and Investing in your website is a reduction of distance. It allows you to expand your target audience.
  • A website helps you make brand visibility and recognition. It represents your business and provides online visibility.
  • You can use your website for doing promotion of your company, writing blogs, creating video content, and communicating with your customers.


Online events and Sponsorship


It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a large one, offering Online events can help you create brand recognition and boost brand awareness.


As we know in this pandemic, it is impossible to meet a group of customers in person, online events can help your business with this situation like a safeguard. You can reach out to a wide range of audiences.


You can save your expenses here such as venue hire and all the other arrangements. Going live is the best technique. You can choose any of the Social Media Platforms such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Youtube Live, and LinkedIn Live.


Video Content Marketing can be a support system


According to the research, many marketers claim that video produces more conversions than any other content.


Video Content Marketing can help you connect with your customers. It can spread the brand’s awareness and build your business community by creating a connection between your company and the audience.


Make sure to create a brand story that can help you to build trust with your potential customers. Answer all the questions that are common concerns of your customers. This will be informative video content that will be queries of all the customers in advance.


Use Keywords, Phrases, and other identifiers for google as a priority.


Email- Marketing Strategy


Email can be helpful to grow your business by sending promotional messages. According to Research, email recipients open the mail based on the subject line only.


Try keeping your subject lines short. Pick the right time to send the emails. The success rate of your email campaigns also depends on the timings.


You can send a customized message to a specific group of consumers. Identify the customers who have already purchased from you. Make sure to send them any promotional letters.


This can help generate more leads.


Influencer Marketing


Influencer Marketing is a great strategy to grow your business in 2021. If you are not interested in doing a virtual event, you can sponsor an online or social media influencer.


This will help you increase your reach. Influencers can promote your products on their social media page and they can talk about your brand. This will help you reach customers and all the other potential customers.


Start offering the freemium version


In this freemium version, you can provide a product or service for free but charge money for additional functionality, features, and services. Offering a free version gets people at the doorstep, it makes it easier to sell and introduce your products.




It is a step towards letting customers know what your products are and they get a little feel about it before actually buying its full version.


Always use Interactive Content


As discussed before, content such as Quizzes, webinars, and Videos are very popular in marketing campaigns. Interactive Content is the best strategy used by the marketer because they know it leads to customer engagement and brand loyalty.


Quizzes have a very high engagement rate, it is one of the important hacks to transform your business in 2021.


Content Marketing


Content Marketing is all about sharing your creative ideas and content with your target audience. It is free of cost. It includes blogs, articles, Newsletters, Video logs, Webinars, and Podcasts. The idea here is to SEO Optimize your content to attract and engage with the target audience.


Research which Keywords and Phrases are relevant to your company in the searches. Then insert these keywords into your website and webpage content, blogs, and ideas.




Trust the Growth Hacking process. Growth is a process and it takes time. In other words, we can say that Growth is the destination, and growth hacking is a part of it.


Presented are the best tips and hacks for growth in 2021. These will help you get started. Go ahead, ALL THE BEST.




Shruti Pal