Instagram, like many other social networks, was initially dismissed as a children’s online playground with little value for marketing or advertising. That first impression didn’t last long. Instagram is now a major force in online marketing.


Check out these top Instagram business accounts to see what you can learn from them right now!


  • Sharpie: @sharpie


If you’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street, you may recall Leonardo Di Caprio’s character asking an audience member to sell him a pen at the end. You quickly discover that it is difficult to create a pen that is interesting enough to sell at a premium price.


Sharpie may not be selling pens worth their weight in gold, but they have certainly discovered ways to make their pens very interesting.


Sharpie was made for Instagram, and Sharpie has taken full advantage of the opportunity that the Instagram platform has provided.


Sharpie’s Instagram business accounts are extremely creative, with over 365k followers.


  • Moe Assist:@moeassist

There is truly nothing missing from the Moe Assist account, with quotes, featured user testimonials, and inside looks at the product. I’m also digging the streamlined look and feel of the Instagram profile, complete with similar colour palettes and image styles.


  • Later Media:@latermedia

Latermedia enjoys sharing tips and tricks for new ways to post on stories, trends for the feed, and overall spreading positive vibes with their profile. And, as evidenced by the numerous examples provided, the posts are extremely shareable. It’s definitely worth following!


  • Entrepreneur : @entrepreneur

Entrepreneur’s Instagram accounts are used to motivate, inform, and celebrate entrepreneurs. And 3.6 million followers are interested.


They do an excellent job of sharing photos of business owners in their element, as well as images that link to useful information and videos


  • The Honest Company:@honest

On its Instagram account, The Honest Company frequently posts motivational quotes, humorous memes, and product images.


They create clever text-based images that are branded with their logo and compel their followers to #repost.


Furthermore, The Honest Company does an excellent job of branding. Their use of white backgrounds, cleaning products, and image filters demonstrate this.


  • Vans: @vans

This Instagram business account truly embraces the brand and the people who comprise its audience, sharing images of people wearing Vans clothing and shoes, both from its own collection of photos and from user-generated content (UGC).


Many of the photos on the profile have a vintage feel to them, a nod to the fact that they’ve been around since 1966, and they feature people on skateboards and surfboards, keeping the vibe relaxed and relevant.


  • Warby Parker:@warbyparker

Warby Parker’s Instagram brand image is very well-rounded.


They share internal voices, Warby Parker’s own products, new releases, and, most importantly, they do an excellent job of posting user-generated content (UGC) (user-generated content).


Another inspiring aspect of Warby Parker’s Instagram strategy is the way they post their own content, which sometimes tells a storey about how an item was made, conceptualised, or designed.


Warby Parker is an excellent example of how to make your customers feel like they are a part of your brand.


  • Greats : @greats

Greats, a sneaker brand based in Brooklyn, is an excellent example of how to build a following – and an entire business – around Instagram and social media. The brand gained its first million customers primarily through Instagram marketing.


The secret to their Instagram success? Unlike many other brands, they do not promote their product but instead focus on providing value. They have a nose for what’s trendy on Instagram, from posts like tasty hamburgers to cool pictures of sneakers — and they don’t take themselves too seriously.


  • Brit Morin : @brit

Brit Morin, the founder of Brit&Co., began as a blogger and grew her website into a successful multi-million dollar brand.


Her Instagram account is an excellent example of what a professional brand account should look like. Her posts are engaging and consistent, which is crucial when it comes to growing a social following.


  • Ellen DeGeneres: @theellenshow

Who doesn’t adore Ellen DeGeneres? The Instagram account of the famous talk show host is full of inspiring examples of her helping others. It’s a wonderful reminder of her motto: Be kind to one another.


While she may have a bigger stage and a bigger wallet than your small business, her storey (and talk show) is a great reminder that we should always be doing our part to help others.


  • Lego: @lego

When it comes to branding and creativity, Lego has always been one of the best companies. And it extends all the way from making hilarious Lego movies to their Instagram accounts.


Instagram is a platform for Lego fans to share their own sets and builds, as well as for Lego to create a fun environment.      


  • Audi USA:@audi

Audi’s Instagram business account is full of visually stunning, colourful, and polished posts. With its feature focuses and action shots, the company has amassed over 4.4 million followers.


It isn’t currently making much use of video outside of commercial shorts, but it will be interesting to see if Audi can extend this quality threshold to that as well.


  • Gucci: @gucci

On its Instagram business account, the legendary fashion firm often receives tens of thousands of likes for its fashion-plate photos.


Gucci, on the other hand, has a policy of using behind-the-scenes photos, which has earned it a lot of affection from fans.


Gucci’s Instagram business account is one of the best because it demonstrates that, while it’s important for brands to use professional images, there’s also a lot of value in giving your audience a sneak peek at less polished, unscripted content.


  • Girlboss: @girlboss

Girlboss’ Instagram account is used to provide its followers with laughs and confidence boosting.


This Instagram business account is extremely motivating, exudes tenacity, and encourages women to chase their aspirations.


  • GoPro: @gopro

GoPro has an Instagram business account that capitalises on the synergy between the Instagram platform and GoPro’s product.


GoPro’s Instagram account has over 17 million followers and a plethora of UGC created by their fans utilising the brand’s versatile video cameras.


GoPro and Instagram are certainly a natural marriage, and they are a terrific example of how to bring your product to life through the experience of others.


  • Lush Cosmetics:@lushcosmetics

Lush is a well-known beauty company noted for its environmentally friendly products and production standards. To take it a step further, they frequently collaborate with charities and groups that promote environmentally responsible practises.


As you can see from their profile, they are now focused on shark conservation. Lush prioritises spreading information about this trend in their feed, Stories.


  • Mindbodygreen: @mindbodygreen

Mindbodygreen is a digital health and wellness publication dedicated to assisting readers in leading their best lives. And they use their Instagram account to help cultivate that focus with their audience directly.


Their feed is made up of lifestyle photographs, motivating remarks, and small infographics that provide their viewers with useful information.


  • 9Round: @9roundofficial

9Round is a kickboxing gym with franchise locations all throughout the country. They provide teasers for their most recent blogs, workouts for their fans, and lifestyle images of people using their fitness centres.


However, their obvious call-to-action in their bio is one of the most powerful features of their Instagram profile.


  • IKEA: @ikeausa

IKEA, the Swedish furniture company, is well-known and popular. Raise your hand if you’ve ever driven to a store only to follow those arrows around and pretend you live in one of their numerous showcase rooms.


They show off their products on Instagram, and IKEA is employing another clever way to tell customers where to buy the products in the images.


  • West Elm: @westelm

West Elm is a furniture store with locations all across the country. While they’re doing a lot of things right on their feed (professional photography, soliciting user-generated content, and so on), we’d like to focus on their Story highlights.


The majority of their Story highlights are nicely branded, which contributes to the overall brand strength of their profile and vertical how-to videos.


  • JetBlue: @jetblue

JetBlue is a well-known airline that frequently posts images of its passengers in flight. One unusual branding idea they’ve introduced is the hashtag #WingCrushWednesday, and every Wednesday they release a user-generated photo that features a portion of a JetBlue jet wing.


This improves brand recognition while also intelligently incorporating consumer photos into their approach.


Wrapping it up:


The easiest way to develop an Instagram marketing strategy is to begin by outlining your business’s Instagram goals. Ultimately, your aim will be to figure out how to increase Instagram business engagement. Decide which sorts of interaction are most important to your firm.


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Shruti Pal