LinkedIn is an undeniably vital medium for information distribution. On LinkedIn, you may post either
promoted or organic content that links back to your site or product; while LinkedIn advertisements
can help you target your audience and increase visibility, you can also post material on your profile to
raise brand recognition or distribute information about a new product or service.

LinkedIn has a large audience that expects business-related content, making it an excellent tool for
providing firm information.


However, because of its popularity among marketers, LinkedIn is a congested arena. To fully stand out, you must use the platform to share high-quality, intriguingnadvertisements.

1) Tableau Software:

Without immediately attempting to sell a product or service, an effective advertisement can
generate positive attention to your brand.


Consider Tableau Software’s advertisement, which promotes the company’s commitment to eliminate veteran and chronic homelessness.


Furthermore, the image is genuine and heartfelt, drawing attention to the ad’s aim. How
could you possibly not want to click ? A social message with a brand. What more do you


2) Wix:

This LinkedIn ad sample performs an excellent job of informing its viewers of the value they
would receive. As you can see, it’s an eBook that will assist you in scaling your firm. The
words “actionable insights to remain ahead of the curve” are clearly visible in the ad


Many advertisements fail to emphasise the benefits that visitors will receive by
clicking on their advertising, despite the fact that this is the most crucial factor. I really
appreciate the contrast between the blue and navy blue with orange.


3) FastSpring:

This LinkedIn ad example makes excellent use of colour to stand out and has an excellent fit
between headline and call-to-action. When I was scrolling through the page, this bright
purple ad caught my eye and made me stop.


That is why, as long as it suits the brand’s image, we always attempt to employ colours that stand out in our advertisements.


It’s also a good idea to utilise the same term (in this case, “download”) in both the headline
and the call to action. This increases focus and clarity. Aside from that, the CTA on the image
should be download.


4) Gamoshi:

This LinkedIn ad sample features a unique image and intriguing ad wording. First and
foremost, the photograph is truly one-of-a-kind and sticks out from the majority of images
on LinkedIn.


The image quality is also excellent, which is critical in our opinion.
Aside from that, the ad content relates directly to the context of today’s pandemic scenario.
Contextualization is critical in LinkedIn ad writing.


5) HubSpot:

HubSpot, a renowned marketing software supplier, does an excellent job of advertising itself,
but it is continuously on the lookout for new audiences and clients.


After seeing mixed results from other social media advertising, HubSpot noticed a 60% increase in click-through rate on LinkedIn by running quick, to-the-point Text Ads.

“There is no clutter on LinkedIn; users are there to do business,” said Dan Slagen, HubSpot’s head of paid marketing.


6) WeWork:

WeWork is a commercial real estate company based in the United States that offers flexible
workspaces and business services to companies who do not have office space. They create
real and virtual collaboration spaces, as well as office facilities.


Brevity and simplicity are vital in an age with short attention spans. By presenting the many parts of the office space, this ad succeeds in familiarising prospective clients with the convenience, architecture, and community of WeWork office spaces.


The simple messaging, such as “Enjoy the seclusion of your own workplace,” in conjunction with the office space photographs, are direct and effective in engaging the user. If you have a product or service, you may utilise a carousel to visually represent your offering and achieve your aim.


7) Mailchimp:

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that allows businesses to manage and
communicate with their consumers. It is a web-based tool that allows you to create and
manage mailing lists, newsletters, automated campaigns, and other features.


Using bright, eye-catching hues is always a good idea. This advertisement depicts a graph demonstrating how Mailchimp’s proprietary intelligence provides businesses with smart recommendations to help them enhance their marketing and income.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, they also back up their statement with a clear headline on how this product may benefit the business. Sharing originality is essential in digital marketing, and creativity is highlighted in this ad sample since they have managed to promote their goods in a unique and innovative manner.


8) SurveyMonkey:

Surveys are required to collect feedback, opinions, complaints, and suggestions from the
general public and customers.


SurveyMonkey is a well-known and popular online survey programme that assists businesses in creating and running professional online surveys to collect the voices and thoughts of an audience. This ad example is effective due to the plain backdrop colour and the green elements that stick out.


Providing high-contrast graphics is an excellent method for drawing the eye to the most important content. The headline is another good example to use in this ad, since it makes the viewer wonder which two essential attributes this report is referring to, making them more eager to download and
learn the solution.


Another clever strategy to emulate from this ad is to include the CTA button in as many places as possible. The download button appears twice in this ad, once at the end and once inside the ad.


9) Snapchat:

Snapchat is a mobile application that allows you to communicate with friends, browse Live
Stories from around the world, and learn about current events.


The fundamental idea behind this software is that any picture or video you share is only exposed to the recipient for a short period of time before becoming unreachable. This ephemeral Snapchat feature was created to allow a more natural flow of engagement. Snapchat’s excellent branding inspired this LinkedIn ad example.


They use the same branding everywhere, which is fantastic for customer loyalty because it raises brand recognition and allows your customers to know and associate your brand with such hues.


Another fantastic characteristic of this commercial that you should always consider included in your creative approach is the use of statistics, which play an important part in all aspects of advertising, from marketing research to style and campaign testing.


A powerful statistic, when used effectively, can be the key piece of a convincing and credible campaign.


10) Klarna:

Klarna is a Swedish financial firm that has revolutionised the way customers browse and pay
for products online. In a one-click buying experience, the organisation offers online financial
services such as direct payments, pay after delivery alternatives, and installment plans.


They have risen to the top of the financial market thanks to a great product offering and
outstanding branding. When skimming through LinkedIn, it is easy to overlook a lot of stuff.
This advertisement, on the other hand, is difficult to overlook.


Bright colours, exciting visual components, and direct messaging are always a good idea. This ad just shows the easy shopping experience one may have with mobile in hand. A perfect CTA for UK customers.


Are These LinkedIn Ad Examples Inspiring You?

Perhaps it’s time to make your own and crush it. The case studies above demonstrate how you can
leverage the platform’s targeting capabilities, broad interaction techniques, and dynamic features to
stand out and reach the most valued audience with pinpoint precision.



By Swaraj Tembhurne