The Importance of Welcome Emails!

We all are well aware of the fact that the first impression is the best impression. Whether it be a job interview or while meeting new people, it is very much important to be presentable as well as understandable at the first place.


You should be able to make people listen to you and grab most of the facts that you are speaking of. Similarly, if you are running a company or a business, you should be able to attract a lot of attention amongst users without investing more money, time and resources.


This is where welcome emails come to our rescue. A welcome mail is the first interaction that talks page between the company team and its subscribers.


These mails are very much crucial because several studies and surveys have recorded that these mails have an average read rate of 34%.


Also, according to a study made by Marketing Shrepa, welcome emails are the only kind of messages that have an average opening rate of almost 50%. These mails are the most performing mails that most of the companies will ever send to their consumers and subscribers.


As we have seen the importance of welcome emails for any kind of business, we will be giving you the insights of the top 10 designing tips to create an on – point effective welcome emails.


1) Always get the subject line right:

Any welcome email will serve as a boon when it has an eye-catching caption or subject line. Always create some simple yet attractive subject for the email as it is the first thing that any subscriber will read on their device.


Avoid using high-quality jingles which are extremely complex to understand. Always stick to your brand and try to express its motto in the subject line itself. This will be very useful to convince the user to open tune welcome emails.


2) Keep punctuality as your principle of functioning:

A company that sends timely emails to its subscribers always stands out front the crowd. Any welcome or introductory message serves the best only when the customer’s interest and expectations from your brand or services are at its peak.


For instance, if a user is subscribing to a certain plan or service of your company today, make sure that you send the welcome mail today itself. If you delay in sending your welcome messages, it will be of least use.


According to the famous Return Path’s study, an email which is sent on the same day itself has an opening rate of almost 75%.


You can use automated billing software like SpiderG in order to create timely invoices and reminders for your customers according to their monthly subscription plans.  


3) Help them with the steps to be performed:

Never make your subscribers to get confused or wait for instructions in your upcoming newsletter. Provide them a simple yet appealing beginner user guide for carrying out the further steps.


If you’re an e-commerce company, you need to be particular with making people purchase your products. For that, you need to educate them about your products and brand in your welcome emails itself.  


4) Try to slip an offer or a free gift:

For any Saas or e-commerce business, an introductory or welcome message is the apt place for attracting your subscriber’s attention by offering a special gift. You can give an offer for their upcoming purchases with you or a special coupon for their current purchase itself.


This will help in expanding the reach of your brand. With this, the people will also be aware that you are unique in your own standards and never fail to miss a chance to make your consumers happy and satisfied.


5) Treat your customers like a whole family:

Always try to make your subscribers feel safe as well as connected with a community. Anyone tends to feel positive and happy when they get involved in something as a group rather than being in it individually.


Many top-notch companies use automated software which solely depend on artificial intelligence for generating more customised and personalised emails for your customers.


6) Keep it brief and simple:

Always start with a simple jingle or quote that will only represent your brand and do not give away the content right at the beginning of your welcome emails staff use highlighted texts for the key takeaways and content in your email.


This will not bore your subscribers and allow them to grab the required content wherever and whenever they need use appealing font types and design your slides with your passion and enthusiasm. But never exceed a limit of words as it may drain the interests of customers.  


7) Actions are better than words:

Renowned websites like Amazon, Etsy and even Pinterest never give written content in their welcome emails to their subscribers. They always begin with the samples of work and products available with them.


This will help any kind of brand of business to make a quick connection with their audience. Hire a skilled photography and social media team because in today’s digital era, these things will definitely make a huge difference in your revenue generation.


8) Avoid Exaggeration:

Never stack up your subscriber’s mind with overwhelming content in your welcome emails. Create a great design and make blank spaces on the template for an appealing sight.


Add unique yet user-friendly images in between key points. By doing these email things, you will be able to cover a whole ground without staggering your welcome message.


9) Put a navigation option:

Companies use their own websites link to help users jump directly on their purchase sections without any hurdle. Give various links according to your customer’s subscription plan and their field of interest.


Also as mentioned above, provide cost-effective discount coupons in your mail along with the navigation link.


10) Express your gratitude:

Use some eye-catchy jingle as a thank you text in your welcome emails. Add some motivating messages or a free guide to initiate and use your software which will give some additional interests in their minds.


Sites like Lord & Taylor keep their introductory emails super-short and sweet which helps them to become unique and loyal. So, get inspired from some great examples and start your email journey.



You can include all these tips in your welcome emails to make it more customised and effective. You can also use your own tinge of creativity to it and achieve better results.


But remember that your email marketing technique should be integrated and blended with your growth marketing strategy. Don’t forget to add your examples of welcome emails in our comment section that worked the best for your brand.


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Saisupraja Bhaskaran